While all parts play a key role in your vehicle, the battery is perhaps the most important component under the hood. A car battery supplies power to a vehicle's starter, lights and ignition and also helps operate electronics when a vehicle isn't running. When your car battery dies, it's critical that you find one that suits your vehicle. Before deciding on a battery, make sure to research which type works best.

When to replace a car battery

  • If you notice your headlights and dashboard lights starting to dim consistently, this can be a sign of car battery failure. Instead of waiting for the battery to die, you should replace it as soon as possible.
  • Components on your car battery naturally corrode over time and can affect the transfer of power the rest of your vehicle. While cleaning your battery can help, the rust might have done too much damage. When this happens, it's best to swap out the old car battery for a new one.
  • There isn't really an exact way to gauge how many years a car battery will last. Typically, you might notice signs that it's giving out around four or five years. However, it can last for a longer or shorter time depending on driving habits and climate.