Drivetrain & Suspension

The drive train, also referred to as the power train, refers to the parts and systems that create power and deliver it to the road. It is a holistic system that makes your car travel safely down the road. The main parts of the drive train includes: the wheels, suspension, drive shaft, engine and transmission. A properly maintained power train means that the energy produced by your engine is being used in the most efficient way possible. Thus, you will have a more fuel efficient car and more miles per gallon. At CF Auto Repair and Performance, we strive to make sure your suspension system is working at its optimal performance.

The suspension system is the bridge between the engine and the power it generates to the wheels and the impact the road has on the vehicle. Movement and inertia create incredible forces on your car’s frame. Your suspension system balances the vehicle. An improperly maintained suspension system can create an unsafe vehicle and unsafe driving conditions for you, your family and other drivers.

The engine and transmission (along with the drive shaft and differential) move the car forward, but to make the vehicle manageable and driver-friendly, the suspension system absorbs the energy. A worn steering and suspension system can create excess noise, premature tire wear, vibrations and alignment damage. 

CF Auto Repair and Performance’s suspension service can repair or replace virtually all suspension components, including: bushings, sway arms, center links, ball joints, idler arms, pitman arms, tie rod sleeves, tie rod ends, struts, shock absorbers, coil springs, CV joints, CV boots, CV axle half shafts, universal joints and springs and any other manufacturer specific components your vehicle may need.