Engine Repair

Did you know that an engine replacement can be one of the costliest repairs you can do for your car? Furthermore, the worst part is most engine malfunctions can be avoided with better preventive maintenance. CF Auto Repair and Performance take the welfare of your engine seriously by offering several services to avoid the need for an engine replacement.

Engines are a true marvel consisting of high temperatures, hundreds of moving parts, electrical systems working alongside complicated mechanical systems. The irony with the owner and engine relationship is these systems are operating at thousands of repetitions per minute while we sit in a comfortable seat relaxing with very minimal effort.  However, it is important we do not forget about the hard work we demand from our engines on a daily basis.

Engine Repair, Service and Maintenance

Timing belts and timing chains are the most common major engine service. They should be checked every 60,000 miles and again at 100,000 miles.

Oil leaks are a clear indicator of an engine in need of service. Oil leaks are almost always the direct result of poor maintenance. Seals become hard and dry and do not protect against fluid loss. Leaks can lead to catastrophic engine failures.

A clean engine is a happy engine. Make sure you get fluid flushes and fuel injection cleanings as recommended by the manufacturer. CF Auto Repair and Performance can tell you definitively when your car is due.

Tune-ups may be a good resource for your vehicle. A tune-up means different things for different cars, but, usually, it involves spark plug replacement, spark plug wire inspection, setting the timing belt or timing chain, a thorough, diagnostic inspection of engine parts and the replacement of air filters and fuel filters where applicable.

Your engine is a complex machine and other components will break down occasionally. CF Auto Repair and Performance can provide repair services for your car’s ignition systems, ignition wires, crank case, fuel pump, water pump, sensors (including oxygen sensor, sometimes referred to as an Osensor), distributor cap and rotor.

A well maintained vehicle is a fuel efficient vehicle. Proper preventative maintenance can significantly increase your fuel mileage.