Transmission Repair

In order to operate, your car needs its transmission. Your transmission is the connection between your wheels and your engine. It delivers energy in order to ensure your car is able to move in the direction and at the speed you desire.

Unless issues arise, most of us don't spend much time thinking about our transmissions. These problems are typically evident through difficulty shifting into another gear, burning smells, leaking fluids, or grinding sounds. For any transmission problems, Zanesville CF Auto Repair and Performance is the place to call. In addition, we also provide maintenance service to keep you from running into these problems down the road. We are focused on giving our customers quality service with honest communication, no matter what their reason is for visiting us.

Transmission Repairs

You shouldn't wait around for very long when you need to fix your transmission. At CF Auto Repair and Performance in Zanesville, we will get your car into our shop as soon as we can to diagnose your issue and make recommendations for repairs. Rather than trying to trick you into spending money on service you don't need, we'll give you honest and accurate estimates.

You can depend on CF Auto Repair and Performance in Zanesville for all your transmission repairs.

Transmission Maintenance

Transmission inspections may not be on your car's maintenance calendar, but they should be. A complete analysis of your transmission, along with a fluid flush, can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

A transmission fluid flush involves removing the fluid that maintains safe temperatures and lubricates parts and replacing it with new fluid. At your Zanesville CF Auto Repair and Performance, we utilize the best fluid and conditioner during this process. We'll even let you view the whole thing through our observation window.